Why do I need to keep my cigars humidified?

For starters, cigars are temperamental. They need to be kept in the ideal setting in order to burn and age correctly. Also, they should be kept at a certain temperature level!

The general consensus is 68% Relative Humidity or RH, and 68-70 degrees

By keeping your cigars at these levels, you will ensure the proper burn and rate, thus ensuring a pleasureful smoking experience every time!

What happens if the humidity is too high?

This could be dangerous....


-When humidity levels reach high levels and remain there, you have a chance for developing mold. Once this happens, the infected cigar must be quarantined (thrown away most of the time) and the rest of your cigars need to be put in an ideal environment. 


-Another danger of high humidity is the hatching of tobacco beetles. As is the case with mold, if you see small pinholes in any of your cigars, the infected stick MUST be removed and destroyed as to not spread to other cigars in your collection. 

What happens if the humidity is too low?

-If your humidor has fallen below ideal readings, simply adjust your humidification settings! There is no set time for how long it will take a cigar to return to the perfect condition after drying out. Also, this obviously isn't the best way to store your cigars. Consistency is key. But don't worry, it will be trial and error for a little bit as locales are all different. See what works best for you and stick with it!


-Also, when cigars dry out, they will burn HOT and cause a very bitter taste. This is, of course, not how you want to enjoy your cigars! 

How do I keep proper humidity levels?

There are a PLETHORA of options here! So we will cover the most popular ones:


-The newest, and (possibly) most popular option is Boveda. They are pouches that come in different sizes and humidity levels. They have a patented technology that will either expel or absorb humidity depending on the levels in your humidor! A very easy and beginner friendly option!


-The old-school option is to use a humidifier that has a sponge inside. You can use either distilled water or a propylene glycol mixture to saturate the sponge. This will only expel moisture and will not absorb it, like Boveda. These sponges do have a nasty habit of forming mold, so you have to  keep a close watch!

-A third option is to use bead jars. These jars contain beads that absorb distilled water or the propylene glycol solution. Again, this will only expel moisture and must be watched closely.

How do I get started?

Well, you will need to decide on a size and style of humidor. There are a few options....

-A traditional humidor is usually made from wood and lined with Spanish Cedar. The cedar absorbs and hold moisture very well, hence its application.


-As of late, many people have been using Tupperware or other plastic containers to store their cigars. This is a very cost friendly alternative to the higher costs of traditional humidors. 

Visit our How-To page to learn how to season your new humidor!