How To

How do I season my new humidor?

There are a couple schools of thought here. Some people like to rub down the inside of humidor, others swear against it. So we're going to explain a few different methods for seasoning your humidor.

-First off, what is seasoning, and why is it important? Well, seasoning is  the method of getting your humidor ready to store your cigars. Essentially, you need to introduce the Spanish cedar in your humidor to moisture for the first time. The Spanish cedar will absorb moisture and hold the humidity in your humidor to the specific levels in which cigars will stay fresh!

-The first method includes using distilled water to rub down the inside of the humidor. To do this, get a gallon of distilled water. (They can be purchased at your local convenience or drug store for about 2 bucks) Take a small towel that you don't mind getting stained, and saturate it with the distilled water. Make sure the towel is damp, and not dripping. Next, you're going to rub down the inside of the humidor with the towel. As you do this, you're going to notice the wood turning a darker brown. Do NOT over saturate the wood, or you could warp the cedar, and compromise the seal in your humidor. Use just enough to dampen the wood. Next, close your humidor (with your hygrometer inside) and let it sit for a few days. Check the humidity. If it is between 65-70 percent, you can place a few cigars in the humidor. Keep an eye on the humidity levels as you add more and more cigars. If your humidor has not reached the desired levels, follow the rub down instructions mentioned above until proper levels are reached.

-Method number 2 will used Boveda brand humidity packs. Boveda is the world leader in 2 way humidity packets. (The term two-way means that it will expel humidity when needed, and absorb humidity if needed). Boveda has an 84% humidity packet meant for seasoning. You simply place the packet, or packets (Depending on the size of your humidor) inside of your humidor and let it sit until the desired humidity levels are maintained. Very simple. (Visit our shop to purchse these and other Boveda products).

How do I calibrate my new hygrometer?

There are two types of hygrometers; analog and digital. Analog hygrometers are meant to be used as more of an approximation of humidity. Conversely, digital hygrometers are meant to be precise. They should both be calibrated before use to ensure proper function.

-To perform this calibration, use the following steps:

1. Place a teaspoon of salt in a soda cap, and add a little water to the cap. But only enough to moisten the salt, not dissolve it. (When water is added to table salt, it will maintain a perfect 75% humidity when in a sealed environment)


2. Place the hygrometer and bottle cap inside of a plastic bag or tupperware and let sit for a minimum of 6-8 hours. 


3. Check your hygrometer. If it is not at 75%, something is off. Most of the time, digital hygrometers will be dead on. (If not, it should be returned for a functioning unit). An analog unit will usually have an adjustment screw on the rear. Use a small screwdriver to adjust the hand on the hygrometer the appropriate amount. (I,e. If your hygrometer was reading 80% after the calibration, adjust the hand down 5% points.)

Voila! Your hygrometer is ready to go!

How to I light my cigar?

So, it's a slow process. And one of the most enjoyable moments in smoking a cigar.

-Hold the foot of the cigar about 1/2 inch away from the flame. Rotate the foot of the cigar, ensuring even heat. This is referred to as "toasting". After the edges of the cigar are glowing a slight orange, slightly draw on the cigar as you keep the flame 1/2 inch away from the foot, still rotating as you draw.

-Your cigar may burn unevenly, depending on the construction and humidity of the stick itself. This happens, and you can relight as necesary, using the above steps!